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On The Road Again

On The Road Again

So let’s fast forward a little here, and start to talk about some of the downsides brought up in the first couple sentences of this blog. Over the years, we kept performing the same music, and the music of the world kept changing. We worked blue collar jobs by day, and donned glitter and leather at night to rock out to a group of fifty or so people at a local bar. Those lines started to become more prevalent in being stated to us, and the kicker was that it was mostly our loved ones. Fearing that we were holding on to something that gave way a long time ago, and that by continuing to hold onto it, that we were weighing ourselves down.

I’m a mid thirties guy who works Roofing in Louisville, KY and have been doing so since straight out of high school. Our music careers never jet off into the stratosphere allowing us to live off women, whisky and whatever other pitfall befell the performers of that age. We became fathers, husbands, and working men, and yet still picked up every weekend to play. And as much as it may be a bygone idea, we still get a whole lot of bookings from people looking to celebrate their nostalgia factor, or to play school dances. We never evolved, and therefore stood a chance of being left behind as the world evolved around us.

This is what led to a changing moment for us, where we sat down and finally had that discussion on whether or not it was all worth it. We were making pretty good extra money, but worried that the passion that carried us for so many years, was starting to die off a little. We needed something to invigorate our love for being up on stage, and playing the recycled hits of yesterday just wasn’t doing it anymore. I should have previously mentioned this point, but I also did a fair bit of writing. The reason I never brought it up with most people is because the style of it was way different than what we were doing, and I feared being thought of as a sell out or a faker if I ever brought it up.

But now I was at the point where it seemed like the right thing to do, so I called a meeting at our practice space, and sat down my band members, and played them a couple of my originals over an acoustic guitar. Thankfully, they loved it, and immediately wanted to move on ironing out all the details of how it should sound in the end. Almost in an instant, we went from cover band, wedding singers, to an original band with original songs. Since that point, we have finally put together enough to lay out an actual CD, which we are in the process of recording as I write. I still love the music that led us here, but the times, they are a changing.

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