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Sound Test

Sound Test

Looking over the first post, I realize I’m kind f all over the place, and for those who have stuck it out to this point, I apologize and will try to be more linear. In the story of our travels there is just so much information to get out there, and it’s hard to sort through to the best stuff to get onto page and share with everyone. When I left off though, I was talking about us finally getting to be a bit of a cohesive unit as a band, and getting started on being able to actually play in some form of capacity show. And like most bands that come out from the garage, our first opportunity was a high school battle of the bands.

We chose three of our favorite songs, and of course that being the three we could perform the best to head into the show with. As we waited backstage for our turn, we realized that the trend in music may have swayed a little bit. Up before us were all these pop and dance groups. This was the point in the eighties were electronic music was becoming all the rage, and this was made even more apparent when one of the “bands” was a guy with his keyboard and a drum loop kit playing a really out of tune version of Cars. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous back there. There was all these representatives of one type of music, and then there would be us.

But the time came, and we took out time to set everything up as the curtain was down, requiring more time than any other performer who came before us, which got me even more nervous. There was nothing I could do about the nerves though, it was simply a matter of getting ready and then putting on the best show we could. There was all these ideas we had beforehand, like pyrotechnics, and stage jumping, and raucous crowds, most of which of course we couldn’t do inside a school, and when that curtain came up after our introduction, we were faced with an auditorium of our peers and their parents sitting perfectly still like they were waiting for a movie to start.

The nerves started to subside through as the intro guitar started to play, the drums kicked in, and the attitude in the gym started to chance. Through the blind of the spot light pointing down, I could see some heads starting to bob, some smiles starting to come out, perhaps they were just happy to get away from only hearing one type of music, or perhaps they were also into rock as well. When my vocals kicked in, all traces of nerves were gone. I belted out the high notes, dropped down for the lows, and started to really get some energy in the second and third songs, actively running around on stage. I was instantly hooked on being a frontman.

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