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I’ve spent a lot of time being called a two bit cover band, glorified wedding singers, and a whole slew of other half hearted insults, yet we are one of the most booked bands in the region. I know that sounds like a weird way to start off a blog, but it’s relevant to understand who we are as a whole. At the core of our band is four lifelong friends who have been trapped in the seventies and eighties for way too long. Love listening to loud rock music, and driving around in typical cars of the represented ages, and you know what? We’re all perfectly ok with this.        But let me digress a little bit and take you back to the days of rocking out in our garage with big dreams, big hair, and a small budget.

My bandmates and I met in grade school, and quickly bonded over a love of comic books and a lack of popularity. We would spend a lot of our time after school hanging out in our drummers treehouse, reading comics, and listening to the music that would now be called classic rock. We had all the stapled in there, and loved getting up and playing our imaginary guitar solos when the moment arrived. Sure it was cheesy, it was a little cliché but it was our lives, and those things have become cliché for a reason. I was always the one singing along though. My mother had a good singing voice, and I guess it kind of rubbed off on me, as well, I wasn’t afraid to sing at home to practice.

Our bassist started off as a drummer, but couldn’t find rhythm with a compass and a map, so he wound up switching out when we actually started putting a band together. This point came around the end of middle school and heading into high school, when we realized girls were way more attracted to guitar players than super stretchy men, and we realized that we were way more attracted to girls than super stretchy men. We first started with the most bargain basement instruments you could find. A lot of them coming from local flea markets or garage sales. But, eventually, over the course of a summer, we managed to have all the equipment we needed, some of us through, needed to figure out how to use it.

Our lead guitarist was the only one to actually head into any form of study for his part. He took guitar lessons for many years, and thankfully so, because the man can shred and wail on that guitar like any professional out there. For my part, I went into intensive research. Memorizing every song I could, learning all the little nuances that went into everyone’s voice that was popular in that time. And eventually came to be able to mimic a good portion of the eighties rock scene. We began working on getting songs down in my garage, and eventually became pretty decent.

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